Basic Vanilla Ice Cream

On March 19th, Mike Lee of Studio Feast was our guest in TCK. We turned our attention to commercial ice cream, specifically Bryers Neapolitan.

Mike showed us how to make a base ice cream to which you can add any flavor — & voila!@ your own custom-made, customized ice cream. From there, he pulled out the liquid nitrogen and showed us how to quickly freeze just about anything to make unusual flavors like popcorn, cheez wiz and, well it got silly…

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream

Milk – 329g / 11.5 oz
Heavy Cream – 58g / 2 oz
Sugar – 78g / 2.75 oz
Egg Yolks – 35g / 1.25 oz
Gelatin Sheet
Vanilla Bean – 15g / .5 oz

1. Whisk sugar & egg yolk in metal bowl
2. Heat milk, heavy cream & vanilla pods until just boiling, kill heat
3. Temper the hot milk/cream mixture into sugar/egg mixture
4. Gradually add all hot milk/cream, whisking constantly
5. Combine all of the milk, cream, egg, sugar, mixture into saucepan
6. Heat until 170F, kill heat, let carry over to 185F for pasteurization
7. Consistency of mixture should coat the back of a spoon
8. Strain mixture into metal bowl floating in ice bath; cool base overnight in fridge
9. Add to ice cream machine, use as directed by manufacturer

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