Devotion to Lotion with Soapwalla

We just wrapped up the Devotion to Lotion workshop at Eyebeam with Rachel Winard of Soapwalla. It was awesome! She took apart the 23 ingredients in Johnson & Johnson baby lotion and rebuilt the pink potion way better and with way less ingredients. It’s so good you can eat it.


One Response to “Devotion to Lotion with Soapwalla”
  1. Winnie says:

    Dear Reader,
    You are all about purity? You are all about high quality and hands-on product control? You are all about saving the earth? You love animals and don’t want to see them hurt to fix your hair? Rachel Winard is your woman. She is 100% devoted to this small kitchen company in which she produces some of the most luxurious, aromatic, effective skincare products on the market. She’s all about researching the ingredients. She’s all about perfecting the chemistry of her mixtures.She’s all about building the body’s immune system from the inside and outside. She’s all about the hand-delivered product.

    Personal favorites: Restorative Face Serum, Deodorant Cream, Lotion, Body Oil–well give yourself and Soapwalla Spa package and try them all.