(Baby) Lotion

On March 12, we invited Rachel Winard of Soapwalla to the kitchen to help us get a handle on Johnsons & Johnsons Baby Lotion, a product the Hunter High School group identified as a favorite. While in TCK, the Hunter students discovered some iffy ingredients in the lotion and we wanted to learn more (like what’s the source of the “fresh baby bottom” smell and how do they get that signature pink color?). Rachel took us through... Read More

Devotion to Lotion with Soapwalla

We just wrapped up the Devotion to Lotion workshop at Eyebeam with Rachel Winard of Soapwalla. It was awesome! She took apart the 23 ingredients in Johnson & Johnson baby lotion and rebuilt the pink potion way better and with way less ingredients. It’s so good you can eat it.  Read More